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  • Capsicum Oleoresin
Capsicum Oleoresin

Capsicum Oleoresin

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  • Product description:  Capsicum Oleoresin       Capsicum Oleoresin is a kind of


Capsicum Oleoresin

       Capsicum Oleoresin is a kind of natural hot food seasoning which is refined from natural materials with scientific material, Its components include capsaicin, protein, amino acid and glucide. Besides, it also contains a few C-apsanthin.   It is a kind of dark-red viscousnigger-brown liquid, with pure and spicy taste. It is widely used as the seasoning of all kinds of hot food or as the raw materials of food plants. Also used for cooking in restaurant, dining-room or family.   Using condition: max. temperature 180℃   Packing: 2kg/5 kg polyethylene food barrel or according to customers' requirements.   Storage & transporation: sealed, shadow, cool

        Main Quality Index:     columnunitindexOil SolubleWater Soluble Capsaicin%1-7%1-7% Color value E(460nm)10-305-15Leadmg/kg<0.1<0.05Arsenicmg/kg<0.2<0.1Mercurymg/kg<0.01<0.005 



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